Emergency Electrician in Brighton

Are you looking for an Emergency Electrician in Brighton? Ezzy R Electrics are expert electricians who will be out to service your home or business straight away. We are local to Brighton so whether it’s for power outage, storm damage or a faulty switchboard – we will be there to help solve the problem! For immediate emergency electrical assistant call us on 1300 43 9997 today!


Brighton is a wonderful area to live in. We’re proud to share that a signicant amount of our electrical work comes from this area, as we ourselves are local to Brighton. Customers that get their electrical services through us are very happy with how thorough we are and often recommend us to other people.


We’ll solve your emergency electrical issues in a flash. Emergency electrical problems can happen day or night. Rain or shine. Winter or summer. Stay safe and leave the emergency electrical issues to our trained technicians/ electricians. Within minutes we are usually able to diagnose the source of the problem and quickly remedy it with an appropriate solution.


We ensure each one of our staff undergo the best training for the job. We aim to provide you with electrical services to cater to your needs. You can call us at any stage to ensure we get quick and reliable electrical services to Brighton!


We invest in our staff, equipment and systems, and that’s one of the many reasons we go above and beyond for you. We continuously upskill all staff and ensure the highest standards of electrical services are met. We are confident in our services and are able to help in any situation.


One number. One point of contact. We promise that we will resolve any electrical issue, small or large. Our company is run by a local family, no different to yours. We are all for equality of opportunity and wish to give that respect and care to anyone.

Affordability. Affordable electrical services make us proud to say we serve the community with pride.

Checklists. We use checklists in every part of the business to ensure quality output levels are met.

Emergency Electrician Brighton – 24 hours

We specialise in all domestic electrical issues including switchboard failures, dodgy wiring and fault finding.

Particularly in older homes that may have compromised electrical frameworks that have not been recently upgraded.

Best of all we are local to Brighton, meaning we can arrive to your home quicker and get your home running smoothly in no time.

Once the job is done our technicians can process the payment and within seconds we will be out of your way, letting you get back to your day-to-day.

Power Outage

Power outages are the result of an electrical fault in your home or business. Don’t waste a second – contact a licensed electrician! We will inspect your electrical system and safely identify any faulty appliances or wiring.

Safety Switch

Faulty electrical appliances or wiring are common reasons why a safety switch may be tripping. You can keep your family safe by calling a professional to assess your home’s appliances and wiring.

Electrical Damage from Storms

During wild weather, never attempt any electrical repair work yourself.

We recommend that you stay away from any damaged appliances or outlets and at the first possible opportunity call an emergency electrician – our Ezzy R team can swiftly assess the damage and safely replace any damaged components for you