Commercial Business Maintenance Program

The safety and security of your company and employees is of the upmost importance to us. With our Commercial Business Maintenance Program, you receive comprehensive maintenance, repairs, and any necessary upgrades required to keep your electrical components working smoothly.

We have partnered with a number of national businesses as well as local companies to implement this program successfully. The feedback and results have been paramount in the shaping of the Commercial Business Maintenance Program framework.

Below is the process completed in accordance with our Commercial Maintenance Program:

The Commercial Maintenance Program Process

Emergency Lighting Inspections and Replacement

Stay within code and regulation with emergency lighting inspections and replacement services.

This is a mandatory process to be completed at a minimum every 6 month.

We offer inspections, logbook maintenance and replacement of emergency and exit lights.

Thermal Testing

Using infrared imaging technology to measure the temperature patterns emitted from switchboards.

Tooled with the latest infrared thermal imaging technology on the market

It will help reduce unscheduled downtime and overall risk.

Reveal in seconds any abnormal temperatures which may lead to imminent equipment failure.

A Thermography report qualifies you for insurance protection.

Testing & Tagging

Faulty appliances put people, equipment and business at risk of damage or even fatalities.

Electrical problems are difficult to detect with an untrained eye, when they present themselves, it can happen in the form of fire.

This process ensures that your business’ appliances and equipment are safe for commercial use. Work Safe Victoria recommends regular testing and tagging of all appliances in the work place.


It reduces  the risk of potentially fatal electrocution.

An independent RCD test will verify that your safety switches are working and will actually turn off the power in the event of an earth leakage.

This process ensures your business appliances are electrically safe for commercial use. Your business depends on the technology and devices at your disposal and it is imperative that the highest level of safety standard are met and applied at all times.

At Ezzy R Electrics, it is our goal to keep your electrical devices running long term by providing support to your framework. By contracting us, you will receive our leading expertise from a team of licensed electricians. We are committed to helping you keep your business running as efficiently as possible.