Certificate of Electrical Safety Supply

Certificate of Electrical Safety Supply

We are 100% Compliant

At Ezzy R Electrics, we take electricity seriously. We want to make sure you and your home run smoothly.

It is imperative that we perform electrical work practicing all the necessary safety codes.

So while you can rest assured when you are using Ezzy R, you are working with only licensed and qualified electricians.

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What is a Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES)?

A Certificate of Electrical Safety is a compliance document completed by the licensed electrician after performing electrical work in your home. Only a registered electrical contractor or licensed electrician can issue it.

Why do I need a COES?

A COES confirms the electrical work carried out has been tested and complies with the Electricity Safety Act 1998 and the Electricity Safety (Installations) Regulations 2009.

All our electrical work is documented and is subject to random audits by Energy Safe Victoria.

A COES also means that our work is insured and that your appliances that are installed will be covered under warranty.

My electricity retailer said that I need to get a Certificate of electrical safety in order to get my power connected.

If power hasn’t been connected to your Caulfield property for over 12 months; an insulation resistance test (commonly known as a Megger Test) needs to be completed by a Registered Electrical Contractor and a Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES) completed to electrical distributer.

Once that has been satisfactorily completed the power can be turned back on. So long as the property is in good nick, this is a quick job and there is usually no other work required.

Can I save money if I don’t want a certificate of electrical safety?

We don’t offer that option. However if someone does; you should probably be asking yourself some questions.

If an electrician does not produce a COES, then their cannot be audited by Energy Safe Victoria (ESV). What are they hiding that they don’t want ESV auditing their work?

Chances are, if an electrician gives you the option to not have a COES they give all their clients this option. This means that none of their work is checked over by ESV to ensure compliance.At Ezzy R Electrics, we have nothing to hide, we are proud of our work and we comply with legislation.

Will my new appliance or lights that they installed be under warranty?

If you call any manufacturer to fix your lights, your new oven or air conditioner, for example, they will ask to see a copy of the COES. If you cant produce one, they will charge you to come out and fix your new appliance.

What if there is a fire or an electrocution?

I’ll tell you a story. We attended a job to install a new switchboard for a property manager. 2 months later there was a fire at the premises, the whole unit was burnt out. I was called in by the MFB to produce a COES for the work I had done. I gave them a copy of the certificate and then asked the investigator why they needed the COES, given that the fire had been started because the tenant had left clothing on their heater – it was in a different room to the switchboard.

He told me that; had there been no certificate, they would mention that in their report and the building insurance company would not pay out on the basis alone.

Don’t be left in the dark. Ensure you get a Certificate of Electrical Safety.

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Fast and friendly service. Highly recommended and have already used again several times. Very professional and honest.

Matthew – Prahran
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Thank you for your professional service. I am extremely happy with the work you did replacing our lights and installing the oven. Very prompt, efficient and friendly. I will certainly be recommending you to my friends.

Sandra B – Caulfield North
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Being involved with customer service and support for the past 35 years, I can only recommend Ezzy R Electrics.The service is the best.They even clean up after themselves.

Frank – Technicomm
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