Switchboard Thermal Imaging

At Ezzy R Electrics we are qualified in Switchboard Thermal Imaging (Thermal IR Imaging). We use the latest Infrared thermal imaging technology to ensure that the latest procedures and methods are employed to make you and your environment safe.

So why is it so important to use thermal IR imaging?

Prevention is better than cure. Thermal IR imaging allows you to predict where a fault will occur before it happens. You see, when there is a bad connection, or an overload problem there is a buildup of heat on the wiring or on the switches. By identifying this before it becomes faulty, you can take the necessary corrective action before something blows up. You may also be able to schedule the repairs without having unscheduled downtime.

What is ELECTRICAL Thermography?

Electrical Thermography or “electrical thermal Infrared imaging” is an inspection process using the latest technology Thermal IR camera to measure and view temperature patterns emitted from switchboards.

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Certified Thermographer Attends

Flir Thermal Imager is used to scan each switchboard and sub–board

Onsite Assessment

If a thermal exception is identified, a report is generated immediately using calibration and load current measurements.


A complete inspection report on all assets, thermal exceptions and recommendations with a priority rating is provided.

How is the process of thermal IR imaging completed?

By using Infrared technology, in seconds any abnormal temperatures can be identified. Excess heat is often the first sign of trouble, so thermal imaging is a valuable non-invasive diagnostic tool used to predict early failures such as worn-out switchgear, current overload and burnt connections which can flag potential equipment failure before they have the chance to develop.

As a business operator, this process reduces unscheduled downtimes, costly repairs and prolongs the life of equipment.

  • It is recommended that thermal imaging inspections become part of your annual or bianual comprehensive preventative maintenance program. They provide baseline images for comparison to determine whether a hot spot is unusual and therefore requires repair.
  • Common practice by insurers today is often a requirement for companies and landlords to undertake thermal imaging testing. A thermal imaging report with recommendations and corrective work undertaken is becoming common for insurance policies to be approved.
  • If you have a new or re-modelled commercial building, or are in the process of installing or upgrading your commercial power system, a thermal imaging inspection will determine if the components and system have been properly installed.