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Intercoms | Repairs & Installation

Your Choice for Intercom repairs, Fault Finding & New Installations.

Knock knock? Who’s there?

Our electricians are experienced with fixing all brands of intercoms.

Whether your intercom is not working at all, there is no audio or picture on your intercom or if your gate wont unlock or stays open. Whether the problem occurs at the door station or at the handset, our technicians have the skills to find the problem and get your intercom up and working in no time.

Make sure that each and every guest who steps through your front gate is a welcomed one.

Security in your own home or business is imperative.

Take the necessary steps to ensure that your family and your work environment is safe.

Take security seriously and install an intercom. Whether it’s positioned at the front door or at the front gate, is irrelevant.

We are highly qualified electricians who are dedicated to bringing convenience and safety to your home or business.

Intercom Upgrades & Repairs

Do you have an outdated or damaged system that you would like to repair? We can assist in getting your intercom system back in action and in no time.
Upgrading your intercom system is another one of our specialties. We only make use of the most well-known brands on the market to ensure our customers are satisfied with a reliable product and get exactly what they want with friendly and efficient service.

Internal Intercom Installation

Room stations and control panels can be setup around your home so you can keep tabs on who is where and what they are doing. Communication is key, so systems like these ensure you can touch base with everyone under your roof without loosing your voice and patience.

External Intercom Installation

Open your front gate with the push of a button and with a self-locking unit. Be assured that once your visitors are inside, the gate will not be able to be manually opened by anyone else.

Security Gate

By implementing a few security components to your entrance, you are creating an immediate deterrent for any unwanted guests.

Some of the Intercom brands we service are:





Intercom Repairs & Installation Melbourne

Our electricians are experienced with fixing all intercom related issues

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Summer 20/21 | OPEN for EMERGENCIES

Your electricity does not turn off. Neither do we. 

Whether your whole switchboard has decided to go on a vacation or your hot water system is not working as it should. Rest assured that your emergency electrical work will get done quickly so that you can get back to enjoying your summer holidays with your family and friends.

Ezzy R Electrics will be OPEN for EMERGENCIES from 24th DEC until 10th JAN for all your emergency electrical needs.