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Exit & Emergency Lighting

We do testing, log book maintenance, repairs and installation

  • Are your exit and emergency lights working?
  • Do you have an emergency & exit lighting log book?
  • Has your Emergency and Exit lighting logbook been completed within the past 6 months?

Don’t wait until it is too late and make sure you business meets the legal requirements.

Do you need emergency and exit lighting?

Any building that has multiple domestic occupancy or any type of business requires emergency lighting that illuminates if and when power to the lighting is disconnected.

Legislation states that it is essential for a building or any part of a building to have exit signs and/or emergency lighting installed.

How often does emergency lighting need to be tested?

At a minimum every 6 months.

So what does a test entail? We check that all the emergency lights have power adequate linked to them and are working correctly. We turn off power to the emergency lights for 90 minutes to ensure that the emergency lights stay illuminated for the duration and essentially assess whether they are fit for purpose.

We document this outcome and provide any necessary recommendations to repair the light if it is not working appropriately.

We offer inspections, log book maintenance and replacement of emergency and exit lighting. We can also do other electrical work at your premises at the same time as testing so that you only have one call out fee.

Can I do my own Exit and Emergency Lighting logbook testing?

Our answer is Yes. However, you need to understand what testing entails, how to conduct it correctly and the procedure to documentation. We are happy to come and do the first test with you, make the logbook for you and hand back the “keys” so that you can do your own biannual testing that
complies with Victorian legislation.

If something fails the test, you can be rest assured that we will be ready to come and fix it as the need arises.

Call Ezzy R Electrics to check your emergency and exit lights, make a logbook for you, fix any problems and even improve your current lighting framework to ensure that your business is meeting the necessary safety requirements.

Our Emergency and Exit fittings use Lithium Ion batteries which not only last longer but also come with a 3 year manufacturers warranty.

Do exit and emergency lights need to be illuminated?

Maintained emergency and exit lights stay on all the time and are therefore always illuminated. In some areas such as stairwell without natural lighting, the emergency lights may be maintained for safety reasons.

Non-maintained emergency lighting is a light made solely for emergency use. It is designed to come on in the event of a main power failure ensuring all emergency routes are clearly illuminated.

Do I need to have an emergency and exit lighting test switch?

If you are installing new emergency lights then yes.

Exit and emergency lights repair and installations

Any building that is a multiple domestic occupancy or a business needs emergency lighting that illuminates when the power to the lighting is cut.

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Summer 20/21 | OPEN for EMERGENCIES

Your electricity does not turn off. Neither do we. 

Whether your whole switchboard has decided to go on a vacation or your hot water system is not working as it should. Rest assured that your emergency electrical work will get done quickly so that you can get back to enjoying your summer holidays with your family and friends.

Ezzy R Electrics will be OPEN for EMERGENCIES from 24th DEC until 10th JAN for all your emergency electrical needs.